BSL Go! | Interpreting Service and Teaching British Sign Language
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Learn how to sign in a fun and interactive way, from absolute beginner to quite advanced,
with no pressure of exams, no set pace of learning and with plenty of games.

The beauty of learning BSL with BSL GO! is that you have a real opportunity to embed your knowledge through learning, revising, and playful activities and you will have the confidence to use your skills in everyday life!

Practical Learning

Practical Learning

Every child or adult will be able to learn BSL through our practical learning scheme.
Fun and Enjoyable

Fun and Enjoyable

Friendly, informal and memorable learning through games and group interaction.
Life Long Skills

Life Long Skills

Learn a language for life and be able to communicate with BSL.


Dianne has been running friendly, informal British Sign Language classes since 2012, following an idea to teach a group of hearing children, Christmas carols, in her local junior school. The group were then able to sing and sign to the members of her local Deaf club in Stubbington, Fareham, and received a really warm reception from the Deaf community there.

So that first trip to Deaf club with the children led her to running beginners British Sign Language classes within schools in her local area (Fareham) and also teaching adults (some of whom are hard of hearing or severely deaf themselves).

At present there are 5 BSL GO! school groups and 5 adult groups and private teaching. We always have a waiting list service, so if you are interested, get in touch and we can add your name to the list. As new teachers come on board, the classes will be available in other areas as well. Please get in touch for more information.


About us

BSL Go! was created following four years of running British Sign Language classes in schools and my local community centre under the title Dianne Lawrence Sign Clubs. BSL Go! is based in Fareham, Hampshire. BSL Go! Takes my sign language clubs further, by introducing the communication support service element and the curriculum based element.