BSL Go! | Assembly with Sally and Hearing Dog Orla
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Assembly with Sally and Hearing Dog Orla

Assembly with Sally and Hearing Dog Orla

Sally explains to the children how Orla alerts her to sounds at home.

On Monday 25th September I visited Brockhurst Primary School to give two assemblies. The first was to the infants and was about communication with d/Deaf people. They learnt how to sign “Happy Birthday” and signed the song to a birthday boy. They were amazing.

The second was to the juniors and I invited my friend Sally along with her wonderful Hearing Dog Orla. I told the children about different equipment which d/Deaf  people can use to alert them to important sounds at home and Sally told them how Orla alerts her. Orla was extremely well behaved (as you can see!) and the children enjoyed meeting her.

It was a lovely morning spent raising Deaf awareness and raising awareness about the valuable role of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.