BSL Go! | It’s Deaf Awareness Week
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It’s Deaf Awareness Week

It’s Deaf Awareness Week

I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that this week marks DEAF AWARENESS WEEK.

Maybe you/ your child could teach someone the BSL alphabet, or to sign their name.


Maybe if you work, you could think about spreading the word about improving communication for hard of hearing colleagues,


Maybe you would like to put up the poster below to help to raise awareness of deafness and communication barriers.

To coincide with the start of Deaf Awareness week, ITV will be airing a signed ad break including an advert featuring Maisie Sly from The Silent Child.
That’s on Monday 14th May at 8.30pm, during the break in Coronation Street!

Every week you will find programmes on See Hear and BSL Zone, so why not take a look. There’s stuff there for children and adults. IT’s all sub-titled so it’s a great way to practice receptive skills…….

And finally,

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have their Great British Dog Walk on 19th May in the New Forest. Please go to for more information.

If there is anything you can do individually to raise awareness, it will be important and valuable – Thank you 😊.

Thank you for being Deaf aware yourselves and making a difference by learning this beautiful language