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Peripetetic BSL Clubs

The schools have very progressive attitudes towards the children learning British Sign Language, and as such I now run one group at Anne Dale Junior School, one at Crofton Hammond and two Crofton Secondary school.

These classes are run to my own curriculum, which mirror the curriculum of accredited courses. The groups are made up of children of mixed age and abilities.

These groups are run as a private lunchtime and afterschool service, paid for by the parents of the children involved.

The schools support the trips to Deaf club and now involve the Sign Language Clubs in all school concerts and events. The Sign Language clubs have very much become part of the fabric of school life.

School Assemblies

I am available to do school assemblies around Deaf awareness, technology of benefit to Deaf people and communication tactics.

Curriculum based teaching

Paid for by the School

I am available for bookings for short-, medium-, or long term teaching of British Sign language where schools would like to add it to their curriculum. This would be a tailor made service for the individual school according to their overall goal, age of children and length of booking.

Interpreting Service

I am available for bookings to provide British Sign Language Interpreting support to individuals or groups in informal, formal or educational, business, health and training settings. I am a Trainee Sign Language Interpreter (TSLI).

Video transcript:

“I would like to explain what the Communication Support service is. Over the past two years I have had experience of offering communication support at weddings, wine tasting, college courses, family events and meetings amongst other things. I am not a qualified interpreter, which means that I will not cover communication in serious situations ( such as medical or legal). However maybe you have a informal event planned and you would like to book me, you can. If you would like more information please contact me and let me know what you would like to know. Thank you.”